About Us



Having left the traditional advertising concept behind, Mandalina defines itself as “a solution partner which develops strategies in the field of marketing communication and produces solutions in this direction”. The main philosophy is to approach the problems in an integrated way and to produce solutions in every area. This philosophy lies in creating solutions in every field from corporate identity studies to brand creation and positioning, from national campaigns to political communication and introduction works, from TV commercials to corporate promotional films, from outdoor works to all kinds of printed media outdoors, from public relations studies to organization and promotion.

The 20-year knowledge and experience before Mandalina is one of the factors of  “less time for big business success” of Mandalina which was founded in the year 2000. It can be seen that the success is inevitable when high quality, right target and effective cost programs are added along with creative talent, potential, researcher and analyst understanding.

Mandalina, whose main philosophy is to approach problems with an integrated approach, came out from there and realized a first in Ankara by making a solution partnership with DW Turner, one of the most important public relations companies that provide an integrated service of US strategic communication consultancy.

DW Turner, which develops solutions for research, visual media services, campaigns, press activities and common communication issues, is shown among the top 250 public relations companies and among the top 100 health services companies in the USA by Public Relations Weekly Magazine Magazine published in the USA. The weekly economy magazine published in New Mexico identified DW Turner as the No. 1 public relations company.

Mandalina and DW Turner joined their forces in 2003.