Brand Strategies

Having a strong strategy in the creative communication process is vital for all works. A strategy, whose framework is clearly defined, serves as a sketch that reflects the Polar Star, road map and brand values ​​of a brand. Even the best designs have the risk of ignorance and low awareness when they do not have a proper strategy.

As DWT Mandarina, we are closely involved with our customers and work together to gain insights that form the basis of the strategic framework. Through negotiations, meetings and interviews, we define the key prescriptive principles of the brands and define their unique positions in the world.

Brand Architecture

Brand Positioning

Brand Definitions

Content Strategy

Communication Strategy

Media Planning

Media Purchasing

Branding Process

We use the same analytical processes and principles when creating or developing a brand identity. Our teams of writers and designers work to together to identify our customers’ brand identity, to ensure that they break apart from their competitors, and to leave a long-term impression on their target audiences.

Brand Research and Analysis

Content Development

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design

Digital Marking

Advertising and Marketing


Communication Experience

We bring together powerful narratives and appropriate visuals of your brand to create engaging brand experiences that are intriguing. Whether in designing your corporate identity, or designing a package, or even creating a 360-degree campaign, we apply universal advertising principles for a unified and consistent brand experience.

Corporate Identity Design

Advertising and Marketing Works

Banner Design

Packaging Design

Underline and Over Line Designs