Front-End Software & Development

The first step in digital image is starting from the brand’s internet assets and primarily from the internet site. DWT Mandarin manages the whole process starting from the site map to publication and content management by examining the expectations of the target audience of the brand. In addition, the team is also able to provide aesthetic and statistical improvements and updates on the site on experience and training and user interface experience.

Corporate Web Site Design

E-commerce Site Design

Mobile & Responsive Website Design

UX/UI Support

Blog – Micro Blog

Micro Site

Back-End Software & Development

DWT Mandalina, which can deliver the web sites it develops with content management system in direction of the customer’s demands, establishes infrastructure systems which can meet the needs in necessary points according to institutional, e-commerce and blogging structures and are updateable. It creates effective content connections with effective label structures in blog and rss fields as specialized in WordPress infrastructure. In addition, your internet assets are constantly made up-to-date with on-demand content updates on a yearly basis.

Content Management System

E-Commerce Site Management System

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Consulting

Content Update Service

Mobil Application

You can continue to advertise and service your applications in smart devices of your customers with application design and software services in iOS and Android infrastructures as well as corporate catalogs, corporate communications, corporate customer services, viral campaigns and game applications.

iOS Application Development

Android Application Development

Search, Traffic & Advertising Management

DWT Mandalina, considering that the audience access the sites from search engines although they know the internet address (85%), sets the metadata and the site map records that respond to search engines in accordance with standards, and updates the settings for htaccess/webconfig files in case of change of pages. It keeps track of keyword search habits on search engines for accurate and efficient traffic flow, updates relevant site commodities, and manages Adwords and Direct campaigns accordingly. For social media integration, it also provides Open Graph and Card integration to provide the desired sharing.

Google Adwords Management

Google Display Advertisement Management

YouTube Ads Management

Yandex Direct

Google, Yandex and Bing records and follow up

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing through Search Engine (SEM)

Traffic Detection and Improvement

Meta Management & Backlink Follow Up

Open Graph & Card Integration

Digital Reputation Management

The digital domain that gains importance in the simultaneous management of reputation management with social media; Dwt Mandalina, which undertakes the mission of meeting the first flows in the institution’s own assets by foreseeing the integrating viral effects of the customers who have taken a habit of getting in and out of the business by making searches like “xyz complaint/comment” and so on, as well as those who have a similar bad experience with the brand/service, and which also handles reflected complaints/comments in this context, provides the shortest and most effective turnaround with department based representatives appointed by the institution. It also undertakes the duties of creation and updating of the press room for press announcements on demand.

Digital Customer Relations

Digital Press Room & Public Relations

Complaints, Comments and Forum Platforms Tracking & Management