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Social Media and Digital Advertising

Social Media and Digital Advertising

We organize workshops in Mandalina at regular intervals for every one of our friends in the agency to have an idea about the business issues of one another and to learn what they are curious about.

This week, we wanted to share with you the content of our presentation on ‘Social media and advertising’ a new media and digital advertisement that somehow touch everyone’s life.

Why Digital Advertising?

1) Correct Target Audience

When you publish a Digital Advertisement, you choose the target groups you want your ad to be seen by based on location, age, interests, and other characteristics. At this point, you choose how you want to reach people and you make your ads displayed by those people.

2) AWhere they are active and interacting

People use their phone and tablet more than ever to discover, communicate and shop.

According to the data of 2016;

  • The number of people connected to the internet from the world population of 7.395 billion is 3.419 billion.
  • In the world, the number of people actively using social media is 2.307 billion.

3) Actual Results

You can be actively aware of the performance of your ads and how your budget is spent via digital advertisements.

Suggested Digital Advertising Communities

Facebook Site and Mobile

The Purpose of Facebook Ads;

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Transformation

Instagram Mobile

Instagram helps businesses share their stories in a visual medium.


The Purpose of Twitter Ads

  • Attracting users to the website
  • Tweet interaction
  • Video introduction
  • App introduction
  • Account promotion

Google Adwords

1) Adwords (Keyword) by Search Results

No visit no payment!

Google AdWords only takes payment when a user clicks on an ad and visits the website or searches the business.

2) Google Display Ad Network

The ads which are displayed in Google Display Network that consists of over 2 million sites, videos and mobile apps that make business partnership with Google.

The images can be published as html 5 (animation) or video.

3) Youtube Video Advertisements (Category)

Ads can be displayed in visual, html 5 (animation) or video format.

In Youtube Video ads, payment is made only when the viewers make interaction with the ad.

No payment is made if the viewers skip the ad before 30 seconds or before it ends.

Viral Ad

Viral advertising is a new generation method of self-propagation that is analogous to viral, virus-like, because it is usually shared with oral method on the internet as video productions, in e-mails or video sharing sites by the users.

Viral ads are divided into two:

  1. Ads that are truly made by the end-users
  2. Ads made by the company to be advertised


If you share the topics you want to get information with us, we can organize workshops on the most requested topics and share them on our blog.


Author: Gözde Akkın | Social Media Expert