Digital Strategy, Planning and Management

The process, starting from the representation of the brand image in the context of the social media platforms, which are the closest domain of the integrated communication strategies to the end user, primarily involves concurrent campaign management with conventional campaigns, website and cross-social network traffic management, direct and viral campaign works. Messages and information obtained from platforms that provide personal communication with the end user are responded in coordination with the customer service and quality departments of the brand and provide massive intervention with explanatory content production in crisis situations that can be formed in a wide range. DWT Mandalina brings your brand to the point and language it needs to be, by considering your target audience.

Target Audience Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Interaction Strategy Development and Management

Campaign Development

Social Media Management

Social media platforms, which have exceeded 76% of the population and are the center of direct access, are the most productive areas in terms of budget/benefit, particularly in access to under 40 years of age. With effective use of these areas, it can be heard by much wider audiences compared to the conventional methods, and is actively mindful in 360 degree communication. At the same time, the brand is always kept ready against counter campaigns with current competitive situation.

Account Management

Content Management

Community Management

Crisis management

Social Media Reputation Management

Although it is important that the brand is mentioned by end users and other organizations in the platform’s internal interaction process, follow up of these fields are of greater importance. The end user is in favor of speaking on social media platforms rather than communicating primarily with Turkish standards. This situation has serious risks for the brand’s reputation and image and they turn into anti-campaigns if they are not intervened. Intervention to the subject, pre-crisis prepared labels and key words are monitored with our monitoring tools and the first small snowball is intervened and communication is made with the end user who throws the snowball at necessary points and an avalanche is prevented.

Social Media Reputation Management Consultancy

Monitoring Service

Online Customer Relationship Management