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Web Design – The Face of Your Brand on the Internet

Web Design – The Face of Your Brand on the Internet

In Mandalina this week, we wanted to enter the web world as a workshop subject and realized our presentation for our in-agency informationalists. We have compiled this workshop titled “Web Design – The Face of Your Brand on the Internet” for our valued followers.

We tried to answer a lot of questions like “What is a website, dynamic website, static website, web design in agency, software operation and wordpress”.



What is a Web Site?

It is the visual face of the Internet,
Information sharing and research challenge,
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When we look from the eyes of the owner of the brand; it is in fact the face of the brand on the internet. In these days when we use the digital world abundantly, with the fact that mobile phones can also enter the internet, web sites have become more important and one of the factors determining brand prestige.

Web sites are divided into two as dynamic and static.

Dynamic Web Site: Websites where the end user can edit the site content without having to know a code with help of an interface. It takes its name from updateable contents. The content can be changed dynamically.
Technologies used: PHP, ASP, VBScript vb.

Static Web Site: Sites which the end users can not interfere without knowing a code. Site content does not change dynamically. It is a promotional site that will not change for a long time.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Web Design & Software Operation in Agency

1Planning and Research

After research of the digital faces of our brands and extraction of the pros of the successful ones, a strategy is determined by the customer interviews and the plans of the next stages are made.

2- Design and Concept Creation

With 2-3 designs on average, different web interface concepts appropriate with our brand are produced.
The design of the web interface is visually presented to the customer as only raster (JPG). And through the acclaimed design, revisions are made and finalized for coding.
At least two important pages of each design should be included in the designs.

3- Front End and Back End Software


Front End Development
User Interface-Controlling Programming Section
Designs prepared as PSD will be written on the bottom of the screen with “PSD design code” and “Back End Software” will be prepared after this stage. In this phase, the design becomes HTML-CSS. The site is live clickable but the resulting site is a static website.

Back End Development
Control Panel-Controlling Programming Section
The design, which is transformed into HTML and CSS, is converted into a system (CMS), content management system, which allows the user to make changes in the web site without requiring the user to have any coding information. Thus, the customer will have a management panel. The resulting site is a dynamic site. The software language is usually PHP or ASP.

4- Tests and Publishing

Publishing and Testing Websites
After the developer finishes the project, test broadcasts are made on our own servers, project deficiencies are removed, system vulnerabilities are controlled and debugging is made.
Web Site Management Panel
A management panel training meeting is requested and the management panel is explained with applications to the persons to use the management panel.

5- Technical Support Content Management


Technical Support
Removal of software errors in the web site, such as hacking attacks, monthly backup operations.
Content Management
It is a service to provide support for content entry for 6 months after transfer of the management panel to the customer. The service is considered to be the continuation of the management panel training; the target is for the user to completely learn to use the panel. If the content management is requested by the agency, this service is subject to extra payments on a monthly basis in packages on an annual basis.

What is WordPress?


It is a medium in which you can write blogs and it works as a complete blogger. You become a member of the site and you become a blogger with your membername.wordpress.com domain name. You can change the site interface to a limited extent. You apply some themes to your blog.
When we look from the eyes of a software developer, it is a site where software developers can download WordPress infrastructure files. The basic files are used as template and for theme development. If we look from the eyes of a user, we can create corporate or personal websites by using previously written templates by discarding the files we have downloaded from our domain (domain name) and hosting.

It is a blog software used by more than 58 million people in the world. But, besides blogging, it is a platform that has a lot of customizable content management systems, such as corporate sites, promotional sites, e-commerce sites. Due to its open source code feature, it has been constantly evolving and renewing for years. Because of these features, we also produce unique themes for our customers using the WordPress workbench as software support for Dwt Mandalina. Because of the ease of use of the interface, we bring our customers to a digital world where they will focus on happiness.


Author: Gamze Genç Çelik | Head of Web Development